How good is the print quality when printing on line?

It’s important to realise that the preview systems available on Score Exchange generally use a lower quality preview image. The final printed version (or downloaded PDF file) will be much higher quality that you can view on screen.

For most of the music on Score Exchange, the publisher has uploaded a Sibelius file. This means that the final file or print out that you are purchasing will be high quality that is exactly the same, top publication quality as from Sibelius itself. The only constraint is the resolution of your printer, but most domestic printers are more than satisfactory for music printing.

Some music has been uploaded to Score Exchange as a PDF file. With these files we can not control the final quality of the file, but we encourage our publishers to only provide top-quality files that are suitable for printing. If you experience any problems with the files you download or print from Score Exchange, please get in touch.

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