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Francisus (Frans) de-Leuw LRSM LTCL LWCMD ALCM

After graduating from the Welsh College of Music and Drama (performance studies in Clarinet) I began a musical career with the Royal Air Force which lasted for 32 years. I progressed through the ranks as a rank and file musician to section leader, administrator, training and development supervisor to be privileged and blessed to finish my career as Bandmaster of the Royal Air Force Central Band. My wife and I retired to Crete, Greece in 2009 where we now spend our time playing with the local band, forming smaller performance groups and choral singing. This has resulted in a personal need to undertake new musical arrangements.

In recent years I also find the time to fulfill a life time ambition of creativity through my original compositions. I openly admit that my soul is in the Classical and Romantic eras; some may say 'trapped' but that is where my heart tells me my creativity currently lies and to move outside of that at this time would necessitate me being false to myself. This is not a livelihood to me, I have had a wonderful career in music which has afforded me the privilege of retiring early to spend more time on creativity and, I hope, to give something back. So my music is primarily an outpouring of my heart and soul - if other people find pleasure through it then I will feel doubly blessed. You can listen to all through my Sound Cloud (Frans de-Leuw).

Score catalogue

Aratousa - Trio
Cavalcade of Clowns - Military band
Circus Scenes for Pianoforte - Solo instrument (Piano)
Cretan Scenes - Orchestra
Dance Movements (4 Gtrs + Gtr/Perc) - Quintet of Classical Guitars [notation]
Divertimento for Strings - String orchestra
Erotikritos - Aretousa - Orchestra + solo Cor Anglais
Fantasy - Orchestra
Greek Dances for Guitar - Solo instrument (Classical Guitar [notation])
Largo - Orchestra
Lockdown March - Marching band
Marcha Espania - Piano four hands
Marcha Espania - Military band
Merry Airmen - Concert band / wind band
Metamorphose - Concert band / wind band
Quintet - Quintet
Quintet - Wind quintet
Shades of Hades - Orchestra
Sonata for Clarinet and Harp - Solo instrument (Piano)
Sonata for Flute & Piano - Solo Flute + piano
Sonatina for Guitar - Solo instrument (Classical Guitar, standard tuning [tab])
String Quintet - Quintet
Variations on a Birthday Theme - Orchestra + solo Clarinet in Bb
Wind Quintet - Wind quintet