Nelson O Dellamaggiore

Nelson O Dellamaggiore
United States

- My name is Nelson Octavio Dellamaggiore. - I came to the U.S.A. from Hernando, Córdoba, Argentina. - Lived in New York (New York), Boston (Massachussetts), Los Angeles (California) and now Spring Hill, (Hernando County) Florida. - Graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1976. - Worked as music editor for the Bartók Archive in Homosassa (Citrus County), Florida for 23 years.

Score catalogue

All the things you are (Transp. score) - Bill Evans solo - String orchestra
andE's song cycle (Transp. score) (revised 2020) - Violin Solo - String orchestra
Bach Sonata No. 1 (Mvt III) (for s nino sax. & sax. 4) (transposed score) - Sopranino solo - Quintet of Sopranino Saxophones
BB's blues - Transp. Score - String orchestra
Blue n gree-e-ry - Transp. Score - Orchestra + solo Solo Viola
Fandango (transp. score) - Brass quintet
Hung. Dances No. 5 (transp. score) - Sextet of Sopranino Saxophones
Loop #1 - Transp. Score - String orchestra
Loop #2 - Transp. Score - String orchestra
Moment musical (transposed score) - Quintet of Sopranino Saxophones
Mother's Day (Requiem) Transp. score (revised 2020) - Clarinet in Bb - Orchestra + solo Clarinet in Bb
Peace Piece (Transp. score) - String orchestra
Thank you Doña Maria (Transp. score)(revised) - Oboe D'amore - String orchestra
Thank you Doña Maria -Transp. Score - Orchestra + solo Tenor Trombone
The swan (transp. score) - Flute - Orchestra + solo Flute