Howard Thompson

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United Kingdom

Having worked closely with young string players for the last 30 years, I enjoy writing music for them which is both enjoyable to play and yet technically challenging.

My own family of three string playing boys were the starting point, so it's not surprising that a good number of my pieces reflect things from a child's world. Many pieces were written for particular children - another way to encourage them to discover the joy of playing music together, surely one of God's best gifts to us!

Other Suites for String Orchestra are also available and also pieces for Cello Quartet or Octet and a Viola Quartet. I am also making arrangements of some of my string orchestra pieces for violin or cello and piano. I have also written some Duets for Clarinet and Flute (or second Clarinet), a range of pieces for choir (SATB), including 3 Negro Spirituals, and various pieces for piano.

Get in touch if you are interested!

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