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United Kingdom

Live in North Shropshire, UK. Married with two grown-up children. Taught Music and Computer Science for many years - now retired. As can be seen by the photo, getting uglier by the minute! Trained as violinist. Played in various amateur orchestras and both sang with and directed choirs. Was a member of the Vale Royal Singers (Cheshire) for 21 years under its founder and original Director, Brian Greensill. For much of that time I acted as Deputy Musical Director. Wrote and arranged several pieces for the VRS. Other music includes pieces for school pupils to play, pieces for educational purposes, a short 'Pop' cantata for Christmas and instrumental and simple piano pieces just for fun! If you'd like further details of my music (including pieces not on this site) please e-mail me. If you perform any of my stuff I'd be interested to know when, where etc..

I have also written music for mandolins and mandolin groups. this can be found on my web pages at (click on the mandolin link)

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