John Porter

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Mr John Porter
62 Busselton Holiday Village
118 Peel Terrace
Western Australia

I was born 23rd November 1946 in Govan, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I was raised in a small town called Dunoon in Argyllshire in Scotland. I now live in Busselton, Western Australia. I love composing all types of music with various instrumentation. I have a good friend, Dobie Gilmour, a terrific muso, who now teaches in Ayrshire, Scotland and we keep in regular contact. He is a great help and a fountain of information. Everyone needs a constructive critic to keep their feet on the ground and keep reaching higher and higher for perfection. I do hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy writing it. Please feel free to contact me should you want any more information about my music. Thanks for listening and playing it. JHFP

Score catalogue

Please say hello - Pop group
C’Mon In - Pop group
Drifting Away - Pop group
Driftin’ Away - Pop group
Stop the Clock - Pop group
Long Way From Home - Pop group
The Jester - Pop group
Telling Lies - Quintet
Hello Stranger - Pop group
Hello Stranger - Pop group
Excuse Me - Pop group
Deep in the Night - Pop group
Its my mistake - Pop group
Changes - Pop group
Changes - Pop group
Changes - Pop group
Changes - Leadsheets
Clyde V1 - Sextet
Conflicts of Hearts - Leadsheets
Sharing You - Leadsheets
On the Slide - Pop group
Is it too late? - Pop group
Maybe Someday - Pop group
The Lomond Hills - Pop group
Clyde V2 - Sextet
Badger the Brigadier - Solo instrument (Piano)
Come to me baby - R & B band
Tears for Home - Choir + orchestra
Walkalong - Large mixed ensemble
Late Home - Pop group
Reservations - Pop group
The grass is always greener - Large mixed ensemble
The White Poppy -Opus54 - Large mixed ensemble
The White Poppy - String orchestra
The Wind of Change - Orchestra
Inside mind - Solo Flute + piano
Foreign Contact - Solo instrument (Electric Stage Piano)
The Wind of Change - Pop group
Jean’s Song - Solo instrument (Piano)
Retrop - Solo instrument (Piano)
Sorry - Pop group
A Big Adventure - Pop group
The Light - Choir + orchestra
A Boy With A Broken Heart - Large mixed ensemble
Carnival Time - Leadsheets
Give me a chance - Pop group
Move it Along - Pop group
Tragic Magic - R & B band
Tracy - Sextet
The Last Time - Pop group
Love Pirate - Pop group
And then - Voice + keyboard
Hollywood Night - R & B band
Anytime - R & B band
In the evening - Large mixed ensemble
Mean Hard Woman - Pop group
This Time - Leadsheets
Hold onto me - Octet
Hold onto me - Pop group
Empty Arms - Jazz combo
Whisper - Large mixed ensemble
When Silence Calls - Pop group
Old Sovereign Hill - Pop group
Sundown - Pop group
For All Eternity - Large mixed ensemble
Latin Dancer - Salsa band
Gliding on Love - Leadsheets
Chasing a Butterfly - Voice + keyboard
Simple Song - Leadsheets
Lion City -Opus 20 - String orchestra