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John Porter
62 Busselton Holiday Village
118 Peel Terrace
Western Australia

I was born 23rd November 1946 in Govan, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I was raised in a small town called Dunoon in Argyllshire in Scotland. I now live in Busselton, Western Australia. I love composing all types of music with various instrumentation. I have a good friend, Dobie Gilmour, a terrific muso, who now teaches in Ayrshire, Scotland and we keep in regular contact. He is a great help and a fountain of information. Everyone needs a constructive critic to keep their feet on the ground and keep reaching higher and higher for perfection. I do hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy writing it. Please feel free to contact me should you want any more information about my music. Thanks for listening and playing it. JHFP

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