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From my teens to the present day I have continued to write songs (words and music) and perform them with my guitar. I am enjoying creating arrangements of my songs and publishing them on Score Exchange. All of my songs have been sung by groups of children and adults for audiences.

Each of my vocal works is intended to be adaptable. Whatever the written voicing, any of my songs may be sung solo, unison, with some or all of the vocal parts, piano only, guitar only, piano & guitar, or with other instruments. In arrangements where the piano accompaniment includes the voice parts, those notes may be left out if doubling is not desired. Of course, transposition is a wonderful option. Again, adaptablity is my intention. How ever you wish to sing and play my songs, please use your creativity and enjoy them!

You will find some of my instrumental pieces published here also: band, orchestra and other ensembles.

My bachelor and master degrees are in vocal and instrumental music with a concentration in composition. I taught middle/high school band 6 years, worked as a professional performer 7 years, middle/high school choral director 14 years, and taught elementary school music 13 years. Many of those years I also taught at various summer music camps. Total = 40 years. I am now retired from teaching in the school system. I remain quite active in performing and directing projects.

Score catalogue

TV Town (Vocal Score for Musical Comedy) - A Midwest Musical Comedy
Snowbirds (Script for Musical Comedy) - A Musical Comedy Road Trip
Snowbirds ( Vocal Score for Musical Comedy) - A Musical Comedy Road Trip
Gatsby's Supper Club (Script for Musical Comedy) - A Mystery Musical Comedy Ghost Story
Gatsby's Supper Club (Vocal Score for Musical Comedy) - A Mystery Musical Comedy Ghost Story
The Cave Artist (Script for Musical Comedy) - A Prehistoric Musical Comedy