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Mr Valeriy Shevchenko
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He was born on October 31`st,1966 in Donetsk, Ukraine. He graduated with honors at S.Prokofiev Conservatory after a long term career in Moscow and Petrozavodsk. His flute teachers were Daniil Harkeyevich, Liuda Shershneva, pf. Stanislaw Poshehov; he learnt piano with O.Bragina and score reading with L.Butir. But the famous professor Pavel Kravchenko was who motivated him into opera conducting and the composers M. Lavrushko and S. Golybina into composing. In May ? June 1998, International Prokofiev Competition that was hold in Mariupol to honor the Composer in his motherland and the First Prize was awarded to him due to his fantastic perfomance in the Flute Competition. In his concerts he prefers to play with the guitar player Pavel Ivannikov and the pianist Irina Slutskaya as he did in Bulgaria and Turkey. Nowadays he lives in Ecuador and he dedicates full time to teach in some institutions in Guayaquil where he applies his own methodology and he tries to create a flute orchestra which he has succeeded.

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