Ashley Griffin

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United Kingdom

Ashley Griffin is a composer based in Leeds, England and has been composing music for almost 10 years in various forms. Ashley has worked closely with varying ensembles, from Leeds West Hunslet Brass Band (where he holds the position of Composer in Residence) to the Airedale Symphony Orchestra, and even some Christian Worship groups.

Ashley is becoming sought after more and more, as a composer and arranger following his graduation from the University of Huddersfield last year, often composing processional music for Weddings and other events. Ashley works closely with Crofton Silver Band and was commissioned to compose a piece for their recent concert at the Theatre Royal, Wakefield.

Not just composing Classical music, Ashley composed, recorded and produced an album last year entitled 'Metanoia' which fused classical elements with other genres such as hip hop, jazz and even gospel.