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Violin Teacher Pirkko Juntunen
Röhkölä 17
09810 Nummi
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I am a violin and orchestra teacher in Music School. I have taught orchestras and chamber music groups for tens of years and found that those lessons are an excellent opportunity for practicing in addition to play together skills, some instrument technological skills, as well. Accordingly I have made arrangements and compositions, which are kind of play together etudes for my students. For youngest violin students I made the “Mary had a little lamb” suite, which can be played after a couple of weeks of violin studies .With this suite the child can practice for instance taking turns between arco and pizzicato styles, flageolet, left hand pizzicato, bow division and basic rhythms. The aim of this suite is a play style “letting go” , a flow like learning style, playing in the stream of music like musicians do. I have noticed that it is nice to sing and play the pieces.” Bää bää vita lamm”, “Buns” and “The second “ include singing in addition to playing. In Finland we like TANGO music, so do I, as well. I have used tango as pedagogical tool for instruction. With “Toddlertango” the child learns clear pizzicato playing and exact rhythmic playing, with “Scale Tango” minor key and chromatic scales and syncopation, as well.“Birds Tango” is a cheerful flurry of great tits` singing, in “Christmas Tango” a well known Christmas song is in a disguise of a tango. I have added a few compositions I made for youngster musicals in which both classical string orchestra played together with a rock band. “Valse Macabre” describes young people`s struggles, “Old Girl`s Vals” the yearning for old times and dancing saloons, “For Ever” is a romantic daydream of everlasting happiness and love. After writing my new scores with notation programmes I found that the playback was a useful tool to support learning orchestra parts. This method I have called “Playback Orchestra” and I have found it very effective: players learn new pieces of music quickly and learn to play correctly, so I could keep the repertoires large and variable in style. This generated good and fertile play together culture. I also began to test the power of this new teaching style and in the autumn 2016 I defended my doctoral dissertation concerning technology supported aural based play together learning. You can read the dissertation here: http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-51-x2121-9 I wish you fine moments with my music!

Score catalogue

"Kansanlaulu" - String quartet
A Wanderer - String trio
Anniina - String quartet
Bear dance - String trio
Birds Tango - String quintet
Buns - Quartet
Christmas Tango - Soihdut sammuu - String trio
Dancing Fingers - Duet of Solo Violins
Elegia - Piano trio
For Ever - String quartet
Gliding Slippers - Duet of Solo Violins
GREENSLEEVES - String trio
Guitar and Violin - Duet of Solo Violins
Heinillä härkien kaukalon - Entre le bœuf et l’âne gris - String quartet
Hesitations - Duet of Solo Violins
Hilu hilu - String trio
In the Alps - Duet of Solo Violins
KANSANLAULU - String quartet
KOLIBRI - Piano trio
KULLAN MURUNEN - String trio
Lähteellä - String trio
Laula tyttö - String quartet
Laula tyttö - Piano trio
LIVERRELLEN - Solo instrument (Solo Violin)
MAA ON NIIN KAUNIS - String trio
March Lunkreniana - String trio
MARSSI LOHJALTA - String quartet
Marssi Wanhoilta Ajoilta - String quartet
MIKSI LAULAN - Piano trio
Noel - Oi jouluyö - Orchestra
Piano part for Violoncello School for Toddlers - An easy accompaniment score - Duet
Raindrops - String orchestra
RATI RITI RALLA - String trio
RUMBATIRUMBA - String trio
Scale Tango - String trio
Scales in Canon (for Young String Players) - For Young Violin Players - Solo instrument (Strings [reduction])
Schönster Herr Jesu - String trio
Schottis - String trio
Shadows - String orchestra
Sininen uni - String quartet
Slavonic Dance Op. 72, No. 2 - Duet of Solo Violins
Snow, snow - String trio
Sotilaspoika - String quintet
Spiccato and Trill - Duet of Solo Violins
Suomen laulu - String trio
Suomen laulu - String quintet
TANGO LUNKRENIANA - From Valse to Tango - String quartet
The Cuckoo - Piano trio
The First - String trio
The Old Girl´s Vals - String quartet
The Peckar - Duet
The Second - String trio
The Snake - Duet of Solo Violins
The Young Cheerful Men - String quartet
Toddlertango - String orchestra
Toscana - Duet of Solo Violins
Tuo armon valkokyyhky - String trio
Vaasan Marssi - String quintet
Valse lente - Quintet
Valse macabre - Piano trio
VALSSI - String trio
Violoncello School for Toddlers - An easy collection for small violoncello beginners - Solo instrument (Violoncello)