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Miss Sheila Maxwell
Chesterton House
Formaston Park
AB34 5HF
United Kingdom

Music was my passion when I was at school and University, and I composed compulsively at this time. But other things took over when I started working.

Since retiring to the lovely village of Aboyne in Aberdeenshire over 24 years ago, I became - to my surprise - organist at the local Episcopal Church, and later, Director of the Choir. I started composing again a few years later, and have written a carol for the Carol Service each year since, also instrumental pieces for Violin, Cello, Piano and Bassoon for another group of friends, a Waltz, a Polka and a Rag for the local orchestra, three nature songs, words by WH Davies, for soprano, clarinet and piano, and a few other things. Recently I have written five settings of words by Vittoria Hancock, Rector at St Thomas's, including three carols. I find her words inspiring, and I think it has changed my style a bit. I wouldn't say I am a 'modern' composer, I mostly write things to give pleasure to myself and my friends.

In 2017, to celebrate my being in my 80th year, two friends from St Thomas's have organised a private printing of some of my church choral works. It contains 13 carols, 6 Introits, a few other anthems, and two choral Amens, and are available to anyone interested. Price £10, any profit going to St Thomas's Church, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire.