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Russian Federation

Hello! My name is Valentina. I am a musician and teach piano at the school. Also teach ensemble for music lovers I make arrangements of various works. Also, I compose a little ballet music - Your requests please send e-mail and looking forward to Your feedback!

Score catalogue

Adagio - valse Fis - moll - Solo instrument (Electric Stage Piano)
Adagio A- moll (new) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Adagio F moll - Solo instrument (Piano)
Hava Nagila - R & B band
Money Money Money - Solo instrument (Electric Piano)
Ritz - Duet of Pianos
River Flows in You - Military band
The Seven Seas - Solo instrument (Electric Stage Piano)
Variation Giselle - Solo instrument (Piano)
Was wollen Ансамбль - Duet of Classical Guitars [notation]
Бабушка - Concert band / wind band
Вариация Сирени - Solo instrument (Piano)
Город золотой - Версия для ансамбля Valentina Banaru - School band
Длительности нот - Solo instrument (Piano)
Катастрофически - Диана Арбенина и группа Ночные снайперы - Solo instrument (Electric Piano)
Когда ты вернешься - Solo instrument (Piano)
Музыкант - Solo instrument (Electric Stage Piano)
На тот большак - Solo instrument (Piano)
Не отрекаются любя - Solo instrument (Tenor Saxophone)
Очарована околдована - Solo instrument (Piano)
Полет Кондора - Double reed ensemble
Проститься - Solo instrument (Honky-tonk Piano)
Пускай - Интонация (In2Nation) - Voice + keyboard
Странники - Woodwind trio
Ты моя нежность - Максим Фадеев - Voice + keyboard
Цыганочка - Solo instrument (Piano)