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Bruce Christian Bennett (1968) is a native of Seattle, currently residing in the San Francisco–Bay Area. His compositions have been played throughout the United States and abroad by such groups as Arditti String Quartet, CityWinds, Del Sol String Quartet, Earplay, Empyrean Ensemble, Ensemble InterContemporain, New Orleans New Music Ensemble, Sirius, Berkeley Symphony, and by performers such as Tom Dambly, Jerry Kuderna, Alexandra Kocheva, Hugh Livingston, Gary Scavone, and Michael Zbyszynski. His electroacoustic music has been presented at curated events such as the Electric Rainbow Coalition Festival at Dartmouth, Natural Disasters exhibit in New Orleans, the Pulse Field exhibition in Atlanta, the Electronic Music Midwest Festival, Sonic Circuits II, Cultural Labyrinth in San Francisco, pNuema in Boston, EX-STATIC and Sonic Residues in Melbourne, Australia. He has collaborated with San Francisco–based digital media artist Keith Cottingham and New Mexico–based video artist Peter Bill on gallery works and public happenings in New York, Seattle, Portland, and the San Francisco–Bay Area.

Score catalogue

... a dog named Jethro ... a cat named Felix - music for Wind Quintet - Wind quintet
an exaltation of larks - for string quartet - String quartet
from the ashes - for mixed septet - Septet
how sad to hear day turn to dark - for English horn and guitar - Duet
Octet - for six oboes and 2 English horns - Octet
Schematic Nocturne - for solo piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
six short pieces - for two treble instruments in C - Duet
Small Art - nine short pieces for solo piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
the demon in checkered pants - for brass quintet - Brass quintet
Three Epigrams - for violin and piano - Solo Violin I + piano
twasome - for flute and clarinet - Duet