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ピアノの弾き方入門連弾曲集(Piano Duet Album for Beginners learning) 1-3 小さなマーチ ( 1-3 A Little March)

Piano Duet Album for Beginners Volume 1 No.3

Year of composition
Easy (Grades 1-3)
2 minutes
Classroom materials
Piano four hands
Instrumental parts
Not available
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To teachers Progression of student’s knowledge and skill about music is depended on teachers instruction a lot.

I hope students will learn various things, over complete each duet.

Please feel free to contact me. Phone number : +081-70-5590-7576


The score of binding the wind ensemble arrangement and parts are up for Yahoo auction in Japan,too. (2015/7/10~2015/7/15-20:31 Japan time) http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w122542398

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