Chris Savvides

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United Kingdom

My love of composing began when I was very young, and since then I have been composing for many different mediums and have experimented with many different styles. I have been particularly interested in composing using computers, and began my work with midi when I was about 12. During my time in secondary school, I won 2 school Christmas Carol competitions in two consecutive years, and also had one of my carols entered for a nationwide BBC carol contest. I have had a number of my works performed in school by various groups, including the school orchestra and the choir.

I obtained a BA in Mathematics and Music at Royal Holloway University, SW London, UK, and consequently have broadened both my compositional skills and knowledge of Music Technology. I am currently a Mathematics teacher (I obtained my PGCE at Oxford University, UK), and I am trying to balance my teaching with participation in the active musical life in my school as well as finding the time to continue composing in my spare time. One day I may find the courage to go back to university to study composing for film and television.