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United Kingdom

I was born in Liverpool (Bootle), and spent my first 18 years growing up in the outskirts of the city in a small town called Maghull. The family then moved to Staffordshire where I have lived ever since.

I learnt to play a brass instrument just before I was 7, starting as most people do on cornet. At 10 I moved onto (Eb) Tenor Horn, but was introduced to French Horn at the start of my Secondary School education, taking my first exam (Grade 3 Royal Associated Schools) on this orchestral instrument. Subsequently I took my Grade 5 on Tenor Horn. I was brought up in a Salvation Army family, and played in both Junior & Senior Bands at Liverpool Walton (Church). On the start of my Senior Band career I was asked if I fancied playing trombone which I then went on to take my Grade 6 & 8 in the following 12 months.

I continued to play Trombone when I moved to Cannock, played most instruments in the Band over the years, focusing on Euphonium for quite a few years.

I am an active member of The Salvation Army, and have been for all of my life. This is where most of my influences have been.

Since moving to Cannock I have taken up musical positions of Junior & Senior Choir Leader, Deputy Bandmaster and also Bandmaster for 5 years.

I have a passion for Brass Banding, and enjoy listening to both Army and secular music. My favourite composers are many, with my favourite pieces including Resurgam (Ball), Just As I Am (Heaton), Light Of The World (Goffin).

My Gran taught me to play the piano at a young age, but I never really progressed beyond this stage until I was a teenager, when I became very interested in using the piano to learn basic harmony principals. This I now use to create my music. I love playing the piano, and am currently the pianist for the Cannock (SA) Junior & Senior Choirs, as well as Church pianist.

NB: Choral pieces "All Good Gifts", "Hark","Take It" & "Building Up" have been removed from this page as they have been published and are now copyright by the Salvation Army.