Allan H. Jones

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United Kingdom

My playing and conducting career has been temporarily cut short lately through illness which has resulted in me having more time for writing and arranging. In the past I taught IT at higher level, played trumpet in numerous orchestras and dance bands and conducted small orchestras and wind ensembles. My love of composing and arranging tunes for all types of instruments has brought me great pleasure and I intend to keep on writing whenever I get the inspiration.

I love the sound of Recorder orchestras and ensembles. What a wonderful and uplifting instrument the Recorder is. Such beautiful sounds can be accomplished from just a few players.

My main objective is to try and inspire wind players that quality sound comes from producing quality air, and that takes quality practice.

My music is mostly based on a simple tune. Sometimes decorated and sometimes plain. I hope you enjoy playing them.

Score catalogue

The Glistening Tuba - Solo instrument (Tuba)
Andantino for Euphonium TC - Solo Euphonium in Bb [treble clef] + piano
Andantino for Euphonium BC - Solo Euphonium in C [bass clef] + piano
Clarinet Sonata No. 1 - Solo Clarinet in Bb + piano
I know that He will love me - Voice + keyboard
Lord, hear my prayer - Voice + keyboard
O little town of Bethlehem - Choir + keyboard
3 Easy Duets for Descant Recorder - Duet of Descant Recorders
10 Moderate Studies - Descant / Tenor Recorder - Solo instrument (Descant Recorder)
10 Moderate Studies - Treble Recorder - Solo instrument (Treble Recorder)
3 Easy Duets for Flute - Duet of Flutes
10 Moderate Studies - Bass Recorder - Solo instrument (Bass Recorder)
3 Easy Duets for Treble Recorder - Duet of Treble Recorders
3 Easy Duets for Viola - Duet of Violas
3 Easy Duets for Violin - Duet of Solo Violins
3 Easy Duets for Clarinet Bb - Duet of Clarinets in Bb
5 Easy Studies for Descant Recorder - Solo instrument (Descant Recorder)
5 Easy Studies for Flute - Solo instrument (Flute)
5 Easy Studies for Horn - Solo instrument (Horn in F)
5 Easy Studies for Oboe - Solo instrument (Oboe)
5 Easy Studies for Treble Recorder - Solo instrument (Treble Recorder)
5 Easy Studies for Viola - Solo instrument (Solo Viola)
5 Easy Studies for Violin - Solo instrument (Solo Violin)