David Cuff

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United Kingdom

David Cuff was born in the UK but has been living and composing in Western Australia for some years. He's now back in England, in Melton Mowbray. He composes lively, uplifting music mainly for piano or organ. The pieces offered here are all short ones, which fit the style and mood above, lively, happy, uplifting. Which is what we all need, sometimes.

Score catalogue

Cascades - A lively piece for piano in D - Solo instrument (Piano)
Dancing Shadows - A short piece for Piano in G - Solo instrument (Piano)
Droplets in a Shower - A short piece for piano and flute in F major - Solo Flute + piano
Fanfare in E Flat - A Celebration of all that is Great. - Solo Organ [manuals with pedals] + piano
Painted Oboe - A short piece for piano and oboe in D - Solo Oboe + piano
PopEye - A lively piece for solo piano in F major - Solo instrument (Piano)
Scharabaj - A Piece for Solo Piano using the Whole Tone Scale on C - Solo instrument (Piano)