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United Kingdom

Hello, I'm Meg.

I invite you to listen to the work of my Personal Musician. He says that I am his Mews. You can learn more about him at www.elmvillagearts.co.uk .

If you want to write to him go to EdwardLeeMusical@gmail.com .

I like his music, and I hope you will - but then, he feeds me lots of lovely fish !

Score catalogue

Song for Roberta (for piano) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Barcelona August (piano solo) - Solo instrument (Piano)
On the analyst's couch (for piano) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Wendy (jazz piano solo) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Miriam (piano solo) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Ballad for Ann (jazz piano solo) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Maire's Lazy Day (for guitar) - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
A Skein of Tangled Hair (for two guitars) - Duet of Acoustic Guitars [notation]
Remembrance Day (for guitar) - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
I Remember in Dreams (for guitar) - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
Auguri Sergio (for double bass) - Solo Solo Contrabass + piano
Coranto for Miss Freya (for lute) - Solo instrument (Tenor Lute [notation])
Early Frost (for guitar) - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
Fanfare for brass ensemble - Concert band / wind band
Hoxton Fair (for recorder quartet) - Quartet of Soprano Recorders
Slow Land (for piano) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Song for Roberta - Orchestra
The Poinsettia Carol - Voice + guitar
West Heath (jazz waltz for piano) - Solo instrument (Piano)