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Hi there I am Euan Wilson, I was Born in Central Scotland in 1966.

I have had a keen interest in music since a very early age, unfortunately or fortunately due to the area I lived in the only musical education I received was in a Brass Band, where I played for many years. I always wanted to learn Piano but as I had an electric organ no-one would give me lessons. So I took up singing in my local church choir. I then progressed on to my local Choral societies and taught myself how to play piano although use only my right hand and automatic cords. I sang for many years in choral societies in Scotland then in 1994 I moved to the North East of England and my singing went on the back boiler for many years, although I still sang at home and continued to play hymns and light works on the keyboard.

This all changed in 2007 with the sudden and unexpected loss of my father and I realised that time was short and I did not know how long I had on this earth as I suddenly became aware that life can cheat us all.

So I joined Jarrow Choral Society and started to use Sibelius to record many of my favourite pieces and works. I hope to share these with others on this web site. If anyone has any advise or comments(constructive) to improve what I upload on here then I would greatly appreciate this. I would like some reviews of the music I have on here as I am unsure if I am using Sibelius correctly.

Hoping that I can share with others what I enjoy so much. I have been informed that I can no longer publish anymore of the Manger Cradle scores on here, however that has not stopped me doing it for my own pleasure. I have now completed the full score of The Manger Cradle but am unable to put it on here. If anyone is interested in it they can contact me at either my email or postal address.