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Mr Filip Smet
Olmenstraat 26
Oost - Vlaanderen

I was born in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) in 1974, I only got interested in classical music at the age of 17. I went to the Music Academy for 9 years studying piano, harmony & music history.

My musical language is tonal. In music I want to express my feelings & emotions and for me, the tonal language is the right instrument to do so.

I started writing music in 1992, my musical abilities developed very slowly and I consider my compositions written before 2006 as not interesting anymore, that�s why I deleted all my older scores.

Feel free to comment my new compositions. If you want to perform any of my compositions, please take contact with me.

List of my compositions on Sibelius : - Miniatures for piano book nr. 4 opus 22 (2006) - Onrust for piano opus 23 (2006) - Epic Overture opus 24 (2006 � 2007) - Miniatures for piano book nr. 5 opus 25 (2007) - Suite nr. 1 for symphonic orchestra opus 26 (2007) - Chamber rhapsodie opus 27 (2008) - Miniatures for piano book nr. 6 opus 28 (2008)