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Gerhard Richter
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I began to play the piano at the age of 10 and had 10 year's instruction. After this, I wanted to study music but within a short time I completely decided against it. I did not want to turn my hobby into a profession. At the time, whilst practising hard at pieces, I noticed that I also enjoyed inventing my own music and wanted to write it down. Thus I came to composing. I have never studied music or been active as a musician. I have given minor performances, accompanied in ballet school, played the organ in church and sung in many choirs over several years. However, music remains a hobby for me. Everything that I know today about music and composing I taught myself. I trained my musical knowledge through hear of much music, reading many scores and the instrumentation with the probably best theoretical work of instrumentation in this world. I would therefore like to say that I am not a professional musician or composer (as occasionally described by some people).
You can take also a look to my youtube page to see and hear more music.
You can find some more music (arrangements and unfinished scores) here and here.

Score catalogue

✅ Valse sentimentale a-minor (op. 2 No. 1) - Valse No. 1 - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Valse a-minor (op. 2 No. 2) - Valse No. 2 - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Valse brillante E-major (op. 2 No. 3) - Valse No. 3 - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Valse sur le nom BArBArA (op. 11) - Valse No. 4 - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Nocturne c-sharp minor (op. 1) - Nocturne No. 1 - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Nocturne-Fantaisie f-sharp minor (op. 5) - Nocturne No. 2 - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Nocturne B-Dur (op. 6) - Nocturne Nr. 3 - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Nocturne c-sharp minor (op. 13 No. 1) - Nocturne No. 4 - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Nocturne D-flat major (op. 13 No. 2) - Nocturne No. 5 - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ The Cataract of Lodore (op. 4) - A tone poem - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Fantaisie A-flat major (op. 8) - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Etude in Blue (op. 14) - Solo instrument (Piano)
✅ Trio D-Dur (op. 3) - Trio für Orgel - Solo instrument (Organ [manuals with pedals])
✅ C. Debussy - PRÉLUDE à l’ après-midi d’ un faune - for two pianos, eight hands - Duet of Pianos
✅ C. Debussy - Valse romantique - Transcription for orchestra - Orchestra
✅ C. Debussy - Nocturne en ré bémol - Transcription for orchestra - Orchestra
✅ S. Rachmaninoff - Prelude op. 23 No. 6 E-flat major - Transcription for cello and orchestra - Orchestra + solo Solo Violoncello
✅ S. Rachmaninoff - Prelude op. 32 No. 3 E-major - Transcription for orchestra - Orchestra
✅ S. Rachmaninoff - Prelude op. 32 No. 5 G-major - Transcription for orchestra - Orchestra