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United States

17 years old, attending South Medford High School in Medford, Oregon. I've played basketball, soccer, tennis and piano since I was little. I got Sibelius only a short while ago. I had some ideas that I had came up with on my old keyboard and turned them into what I called 'Symphony No. 1' It was the first real piece I had ever written. My friends and family call me Johnny but in these cases John seems more proffesional. As a kid, I was totally into piano, I took lessons twice a week, and practiced like crazy everyday. For my elementary school's talent show I played Mozart's "Ronda Alla Turca", or 'Turkish March' as it was known to me, as a 4th grader. After hitting Jr. High, I fell behind with piano and eventually quit playing, on account of a busy life with sports etc. After a while I had missed it, and recently I have found the joy of practicing again, and teaching myself the favorite pieces that I had loved as a kid.

As of now, the types of music that I'm into would have to be rock, alternative rock, techno, trance, and occasionally some instrumental hip-hop or R&B. Overall, I just love good sounding music.

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