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I'm currently a classical Tenor Trombone player teaching, and aspiring to become a professional trombonist in an orchestra. I often arrange pieces for the trombone, because while there are plenty of great pieces for the trombone, there are far more for strings. So I have been arranging famous string pieces for trombone e.g. winter from the four seasons. As well as composing for any instrument(s) that come to mind that fit an idea.

I've be composing for a number of years now, so its a better idea to check out my latest works they my old ones. Some of my new stuff I have been very happy with, so you be the judge. If you're visiting my web page I highly recommended you listen to the mp3 of Op.7 Autumns Breeze. It's got good feed back from fellow musicians and its a nice relaxing peace to just to listen too, composed for solo harp.