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Educated in business. Performed accounting work for 32 years. Retired early due to disability. Upon retirement I began exploring composition again as a hobby. As a boy, I pursued both classical and popular music for about three and a half years. In 2007, I purchased a simple program called Music Time to notate 16 songs that I had invented in my youth. Then I learned Encore, Finale and Sibelius 4 to achieve better audio. Virtual instruments were just coming out at that time. Since 2007, I have written an additional 122 scores.

In 2012, I upgraded to Sibelius 7. In 2007 I was not concerned about the quality of my scores in Sibelius 4. Frequently, I would just place all similar voicing on a single staff. This year I have set upon the task of rewriting all scores so that each note is assigned to an independent instrument. This also allows me to remaster all audio and make better recordings for audiophiles using the higher quality virtual instruments available in Sibelius 7.

I am not so much concerned about making money in music as I am about having the music performed. I would like for my music to be played. This year, in addition to the original performance scores, I have also translated all works into both piano and guitar for students. Thus, at present, there are 138 performance scores, plus an additional 138 scores written for piano and guitar. I am posting both beginning and advanced works in the effort to reach performers of all ages.

There are two ways to find scores. One, you can explore my website below where all of my work is organized in numerical order. Simply explore and find the title that interests you, then follow the link back here to the desired score on this site. The other method is to find works through the discography outline given below.

My hope is performance. My strategy is to provide quality scores. Please realize, however, that I am not trained professionally in music. So, I would request, that should you find errors in any given score, please contact me and let me know so that I can fix it.

Good luck and God bless. Please feel free to send me an email. I welcome your suggestions. Thank-you.

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