Michael Andrew Newell

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United States

Composer / Arranger/ Audio Engineer

Michael Andrew Newell is a composer, arranger, audio engineer, and now, publisher, under his flagship company, Michael Andrew Newell Productions. He primarily writes original concert band and big band music, but has some chamber pieces, solos, and commercial music in his library.

Michael has military experience and is used to working within tight deadlines to accomplish the mission without sacrificing the details and is adaptive to changes that may occur in the creative process.

In his free time, Michael enjoys reading, writing, drawing, rock climbing, traveling, and supporting local business. Most importantly, he also enjoys spending time with his wife, Bethany, his daughter, Claire, and his two dogs, Ruby and Lacey.

If you decide to perform any of my scores, please send me a copy of the program via email, or if programs were not used, shoot me an email with any other relevant information that would allow me to list performances on my personal website/Score Exchange page, giving credit to your ensemble. Thank you, keep checking back for more music!