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About Michael Andrew Newell

Michael Andrew Newell is a composer, arranger, audio engineer, and instructor with Phrygian Media and is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). In his arsenal, Michael primarily writes original concert, jazz, chamber/small ensemble/solo, and commercial music with varied instrumentation, styles/genres, and applications, coinciding with client specifications.

Michael has military experience and is used to working within tight deadlines to accomplish the mission without sacrificing the details and is adaptive to changes that may occur in the creative process. He also has experience managing projects and teams of revolving personnel for diverse performance, administrative, and logistical applications with emphasis on leadership development through coaching and mentorship.

If you decide to perform any of my scores, please send me a copy of the program via email, or if programs were not used, shoot me an email with any other relevant information that would allow me to list performances on my personal website/Score Exchange page, giving credit to your ensemble. Thank you, keep checking back for more music!

About Phrygian Media

PhrygianMedia is a Music Production Studio rendering affordable Composition, Arranging, and Audio Engineering services, including Coaching and Management. Focus: next-level music creation. All elements of music production are completely internally maintained from composition to recording to marketing and distribution. Compositions and arrangements for concert band, jazz band, marching band, film, small and large jazz band, saxophone quartet, clarinet quartet, brass quintet brass choir, woodwind quintet, and anything else you want. Audio Engineering recording and post-production ranging from small ensembles (soloists, quintets), medium ensembles (brass bands, rock bands), and large ensembles (band).