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United States

Michael Andrew Newell is an American composer and member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). He writes original music for instrumental groups such as concert band, large and small jazz ensemble, chamber ensembles, and commercial music groups that often reflect a variety of styles and genres. Michael primarily composes and arranges music for military bands, as well as semi-professional and scholastic ensembles. He has 15+ years of experience and is now on a quest to share his music with the world.

Further, Michael is interested in expanding his professional work as a music composer, arranger, AND audio engineer in the fields of commercial, scholastic, film, television, and video game music. As such, continue to maintain skills as a composer, arranger, audio engineer, and coach.

Michael has military experience and is used to working within tight deadlines to accomplish the mission without sacrificing the details and is adaptive to changes that may occur in the creative process. He also has experience managing projects and teams of revolving personnel for diverse performance, administrative, and logistical applications with emphasis on leadership development through coaching and mentorship.

If you decide to perform any of Michael's original works, please email any relevant information (concert programs/recordings) that would allow the performing ensemble to be featured on his personal website.

Thank you, check back for more music