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Influenced by my musical homeland of Wales, I have always enjoyed singing. Melodies - jaunty, playful and original - have been playing themselves out in my head since I first started walking to elementary school. From time to time, I wrote out some of these melodies: when I lived in Walcha, New South Wales, Australia and was captivated by the different birdsongs and unique animals and put them into songs for my children; when I lived in Victoria, British Columbia (BC) and was completing my Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto as a vocal performer; and when I taught a vocal music camp in Vernon, BC, and needed some materials for the campers. But much of the time, I ignored my own melodies and concentrated on music by others.

Sibelius makes it so much fun that I'm hearing my own music again. I've now arranged pieces for the chorus at work; I've dusted off some of the pieces I created before; and I'm listening to the new melodies in my head and capturing them before they disappear into the ether.

In this photo, I am preparing to sing hits from my favourite era - the Roaring Twenties.

When I'm not writing music (and when I'm not in my day job!), I'm doing some other creative performance thing, like learning a role for a play, practising a tap dance, or rehearsing a soprano part for singing with St. Paul's Anglican Church Choir.

Do e-mail me if you have questions or comments, and let me know if you plan to play my music somewhere. I'll be thrilled.

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