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Hi! I'm David Rubenstein. During the week I'm an oceanographer, but during the weekends I turn into a music composer. When I was a teenager I took piano lessons. My teacher was wonderful–he was able to teach me improvisation, arrangement, and composition techniques. The styles he taught were jazz and semi-classical. I started composing music for a while, but it was SO time consuming! The manuscript paper had holes in it from repeated erasures! Then, a few years ago I became aware that computers can aid in the process, so I started to use Cakewalk and Sibelius to produce my masterpieces. I've composed a number of pieces for videos, multimedia CD-ROMs and computer games, for web pages and of course, instrumental and choral music for live performances. I am sure you will enjoy my compositions–my style emphasizes both an emotional aspect for immediate enjoyment, and intellectual underpinnings, so that repeated listenings will not become boring. Enjoy!

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