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Hello, If You want PARTS of my scores, don't hesitate and ask (per email)for the original sibelius(4)-file or PDF-material (not recommended for US-PDF-systems). I'm playing french horn (learnt on University) and alto-trombone and compose/arr. music in tonal-style. I learnt to practise polyphonic technics to give every instrument a nice (and not-boring) part to play. I myself play in a woodwind-quintet, an big orchestra and I conduct in a student-mixed-ensemble. (see "Pachelbel goes Caribbean") I'm living in Vienna/Austria and I'm still searching for new ensembles to play in. If You need arrangements, so send me a message with the score or melody; if I'm interested, I like to create an arrangement according Your specifications (Price: a passable recording of my arrangement). My arrangement of Mozart-Fragments is a representative sample…

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