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Mr. Walter Gladwin
113 Elizabeth Ave.
United States

I am a retired 35-year music teacher. Since my college years at Berklee College of Music (B. Mus.1969, Music Education) and University of Massachusetts (M. Mus. 1974, Music Theory), I carry an ASCAP membership card and have written and arranged huge amounts of stuff. It includes professional, original and arranged compositions for: Wind Symphony, Concert Bands, Big and Small Band Jazz, Sacred Choral Music, and a lot of pieces for my Beginner and Yearling (1st and 2nd year) Bands, which I have conducted in the Westfield Public Schools. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD THE SMALL PRICE OF ANY OF MY WORSHIP OR EDUCATIONAL PIECES, please email me and I will send it in pdf form for FREE. If you are looking for professional level music, buy some of mine. Also, email me if you find something which needs to be edited or corrected, and I'll get it to you via pdf files. Finally, Hundreds of downloads from here are out there, but I've heard VERY LITTLE about them from my clients. Please email me ( and let me know how they worked (or didn't) for you. God bless your time at my website! Wally G.

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