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Mr Abraham Castaneda
16449 Bixler Ave
United States of America


Hello everyone, my name is Abraham CastaƱeda, I was born in January 5, 1988, in the city of Redondo Beach. Nothing really intersting happend in my early years of childhood. I remember when I was around five years old, I would be running around everywhere. And I remember one day I got tired and I went inside the house, and my uncle was playing guitar. I was really amazed at just seeing him play, I also remember telling myself that I would never be capable of doing something like that. Then in the year of 1997 I recieved the oportunity to enroll in a music class. When I finally went into class, I was practically two weeks late. These classes only lasted four weeks, and I came on the Friday of the second week. When I came back on that Monday, I was already ahead of everyone else. I was really surprised with myself, especially thinking that I would never be capable of playing a musical instrument. A lot of people don't consider the Recorder a "real" instrument, but that is what I started with. I later advanced myself to the Clarinet and the Violin. Then I tried around twelve other instruments. After four years I finally picked up the Guitar. It was easy for me to learn especially since I already had the passion for it, and since I already have been playing the violin for four years.


When I was really young I never thought I would be a musician even less a composer. When I barely started school, I always wanted to "fit in" so I would listen to rap (even though I never really liked it) but I was never treated kindly or with any respect. When I finally reached the fourth grade, I took my first music class, I was extremely happy playing music, but all my "friends" would always put me down and make me feel miserable. When I hit the sixth grade is when I started listening to rock music, and a short time after I finally had enough of "fitting in". The reason I like rock music is because, you need to have real talent to be doing what you are really doing, instead of having a little box play your music. Also, I have always enjoyed a challenge, and in most rap (now a days) there is no challenge, MUSIC WISE. After a year or so, I started getting into metal music, because I started noticing how much harder the music was to play. Around the same time that I started getting into metal music the movie Armageddon came out. I remember this really famous scene where he tells his' daughter that he wont be able to return home, there is a really sad song playing in the background. When I heard that song in the background, that was the song that inspired me to become a composer. At first, my music was extremely simple. As the years progressed I started teaching myself music theory, and of coarse, because of Trial And Error.(Laughs)

Places I Have Performed;

The Hogue Barmichaels in Newport Beach Di Piazza in Long Beach The Tiki Room in Pomona The Chain Reaction in Anaheim The Staple Center in Los Angeles The Key Club in Hollywood The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood The Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood

Instruments I Play;

Recorder Clarinet Saxophone Trumpet Cello Bass Mandolin Xylophone Quints (Drumline) Piano Violin Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)

More music will be coming soon