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Alan Shoesmith is a Canadian guitarist, composer, arranger and music educator. He completed his Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Toronto in 1988 where he studied with Eli Kassner. And, he also completed his Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto in 1990. Alan has been a high school music educator for over 25 years where he has worked extensively in the area of guitar ensembles & orchestras. He has recorded two albums with the Cedar & Spruce quartet and continues to create works in a wide variety of genres. The music available here will feature a cross-section of his previously unpublished compositions, educational materials and arrangements. Most of these should be adaptable to both concert stage & classroom.

Score catalogue

Meeting Point - Septet of Classical Guitar, standard tunings [tab]
Challenging The Oracle - Septet of Classical Guitars [notation]
Guitar Fretboard Chart (Three Octaves) - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
Guitar Fretboard Chart (1st position) - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
October Colours (guitar with blank tablature lines) - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
October Colours (guitar with tablature) - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
Opaque Horizon - Solo instrument (Classical Guitar [notation])
Solar Haze - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
Synthetic Whisper - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
Quay of Sea (guitar duet with chords) - Duet of Acoustic Guitars [notation]
Old Family Album - Duet of Acoustic Guitars [notation]
Accidentals Will Happen - Duet of Acoustic Guitars [notation]
Wayward and Wise - Duet of Classical Guitars [notation]
Preludio IX - Trio of Classical Guitars [notation]
Forgotten River - Trio of Classical Guitars [notation]
Magnetic North - Leadsheets
Tea Room Talk - Leadsheets
WakeField Road - Leadsheets
Healey's Lament - Leadsheets
Meadow's Mill - Leadsheets
Lazy Daze - Leadsheets
Old Family Album - Leadsheets
Marginal Way - Leadsheets
Our Red Sky - Leadsheets
Herb's Verbs - Leadsheets
Winter Forest - Leadsheets
Up Stream - Leadsheets
Lookin' Kinda Sharp - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])