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I live in Milan, Italy, where I teach piano.

The works published at this site are arrangements. The original pieces are written for piano.

Arrangements of the same piece have been elaborated for the following main reasons: 1) to introduce the young pianist to the original piece via simpler version(s) of it (quicker and easier to learn); 2) to better appreciate the accurate polyphonic writing of the composer (whereas the young pianist's vision of a piece is often exclusively "vertical", a sequence of chords); 3) to approach the original piece through an ensemble version (which forces a rigorous execution); 4) to spread among instruments different from the piano the knowledge of absolute masterpieces of the evergreen music, originally written for piano but - I think - not seldom conceived for groups of other instruments.

Comments and criticisms on my work are welcome.

Parts of some scores will be available free on request.

"Diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt!"

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