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United Kingdom

As a member of the Viola d'Amore Society of Great Britain since the early 1990's as a viola and continuo player, I had the chance to try out some of my juvenile compositions, mostly pastiche baroque pieces. However, as time went on I began to produce more original works which included my Suite for Strings nos.1&2; 3 Rossetti Songs for Alto voice, Clarinet, Viola and Cello; Variations for Cello and Strings (written for the eminent cellist, Norman Jones), and my String Quartet no.1.

I went on to study at Goldsmiths College, London, where I gained a Bachelor of Music with honours. Whilst at Goldsmiths my ears were opened even further to modern music and this is reflected in the work I produced at the time which included my Sinfonietta (for Violin, Clarinet, Cello and multiple percussion), which was written especially for the renowned contemporary music group the Gemini Ensemble. Towards the end of my degree I embarked on my Missa Brevis (for soloists, chorus and orchestra) which I conducted in the Composers Forum concert series.

Since leaving college in 2000 I have been involved with a number of musical ensembles, one being the Blue Review, and currently Tinlin - an experimental folk/rock band in which I am guitarist and co-songwriter with my brother, Rolf. I also continue to write 'serious' music; including the 'Rhapsody for Oboe and Piano', written for my half-sister, Eleanor Tinlin, as the 'modern' work in her entry for the 2005 Young Musician of the Year contest.

I have recently had several international performances of my works, including the 'Introduction & Fugue on a Christmas Carol' given in 2009 by the Boise Philharmonic, and 'Postcards for Piano & Strings' given by the Akademisches Kammerorchester Karlsruhe in 2011.

Score catalogue

Prelude No.1 - Solo instrument (Piano)
Prelude no.3 - Solo instrument (Harpsichord)
Prelude No.2 - Solo instrument (Piano)
A Clarice - Solo Solo Viola + piano
A Clarice - Solo Solo Viola + piano
Sonata for Viola & Piano -1st movement - Solo Solo Viola + piano
Sonata for Viola and Piano by Benda - Solo Solo Viola + piano
Sonata for Viola & Piano by Rust - Solo Solo Viola + piano
Chanson Triste - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Elegy - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Valse Triste - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Romance no.1 for Cello & Piano - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Romance no.2 for Cello & Piano - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Rondo for Cello & Piano - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Variations for Cello & Piano - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Gigue - Solo instrument (Solo Violoncello)
Suite for Strings - String orchestra
Passing and Glassing - String orchestra
Concerto Grosso No.1 - String orchestra
Concerto Grosso No. 2 - String orchestra
Concerto grosso no.3 - String orchestra
Concerto for Cello & Strings - String orchestra
Concertinissimo - String orchestra
Lamento Suite - String orchestra
Romance for Cello & Strings - Orchestra + solo Solo Violoncello
Mini Mass - Agnus Dei - Large mixed ensemble
Missa Solemnis - Credo - Large mixed ensemble
The Rossetti Songs - Large mixed ensemble
Mini Mass - Gospel - Large mixed ensemble
Mini Mass - Sanctus - Large mixed ensemble
Missa Solemnis - Agnus Dei - Large mixed ensemble
Missa Solemnis - Gloria - Large mixed ensemble
Mini Mass - Kyrie - Large mixed ensemble
Mini mass - gloria - Large mixed ensemble
Perdu - Quintet
Missa Solemnis - Kyrie - Large mixed ensemble
Intermezzo for Wind Band - Concert band / wind band
Piano Trio - Piano trio
Jamistry - Solo Mandolin [notation] + piano
Harmonia Antiqua - Double reed ensemble
Suite for wind - Wind quartet
Variations for Cello & Orchestra - Orchestra + solo Solo Violoncello
Allegro for Harpsichord & Strings - Large mixed ensemble
48 Hours - Sextet
A foggy day - Quintet
Agnus Dei - Choir
All things that pass - String quintet
America - String quartet
Aria - Duet
Bernice Suite - Solo instrument (Piano)
Bernice Suite - Woodwind trio
Can she excuse my wrongs? - String quartet
Christmas Fantasia and Fugue - Concert band / wind band
Concerto for Mandolin & Orchestra - Orchestra + solo Mandolin [notation]
Concerto for Mandolin & Strings - Large mixed ensemble
Concerto for Viola and Strings - Orchestra + solo Solo Viola
Concerto Grosso No.4 - String orchestra
Credo - Choir
Die Forelle - Quintet
Duo for Violin and Cello No.2 - Duet of Solo Violins
Elegy - Orchestra + solo Bassoon
Fantasy for Clarinet in Bb - Solo instrument (Clarinet in Bb)
Fantazia No.1 - Woodwind trio
Fantazia No.2 - Woodwind trio
Fantazia No.3 - Woodwind trio
Folk Dance - Solo instrument (Solo Viola)
Fugue for Wind Trio - Wind quartet
Gloria - For unaccompanied chorus - Choir
Im Frühling - Quintet
Invention No.1 - Solo instrument (Piano)
It's De-lovely - String quartet
Jesu, joy of man's desiring - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Kyrie - Large mixed ensemble
Kyrie in A minor - Choir + keyboard
Largo for Strings - String orchestra
Lesson No. 2 for Viola & Piano - Solo Viola + piano
Lullaby - Solo Violoncello + piano
Magnetism - String orchestra
Mini Mass - Choir + orchestra
Missa Solemnis - Benedictus - Large mixed ensemble
Missa Solemnis - Laudamus te - Choir + orchestra
Missa Solemnis - Sanctus - Choir + orchestra
Moondance - Quintet
Only Human - Octet
Prayer - Duet
Prelude in A minor - Solo instrument (Piano)
Release Me - Solo instrument (Piano)
Reverie - Solo Viola + piano
Romance No.3 for Cello and Piano - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Scottish Sketches - Solo instrument (Piano)
Sinfonia for Strings - String orchestra
Sonata for Viola & Piano - Solo Solo Viola + piano
Sonata in the Baroque Style - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Ständchen - Quintet
Still here - Quartet
Still here - Quartet
String Quartet No.3 - String quartet
Study No.13 - Solo instrument (Violoncello)
Study No.2 - Solo instrument (Solo Violoncello)
Study No.7 - Solo instrument (Solo Violoncello)
Suite for String Trio - String trio
Suite in D - Trio
Suite in G Major - String quartet
Summertime - Quintet
Tambourin - Duet
The Rain Song - Sextet
The Triumph of Death - String quartet
Waltz in D minor - Solo Viola + piano