Alex Weideman

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Mr Alex Weideman
599 Diedrikkie Street
Monument Park
South Africa

I sang since the age of 3 years. At the age of 7 years I started singing in Eistedfords. I started conducting choirs from the age of 15 Years and orchestras since the age of 18 Years. I play all the recorders as well as the flute. I started studying music at the University of Pretoria in 2006 and continued with my studies at the University of South Africa in 2007.

I done vocal training with Bets Botha and Lorraine Havermann. I done choral conducting with Prof Johan VD Sandt a professional in the world of Choral Music. I studied music theory and compostion with Prof Alexander Johnson.

In 2002 I started singing with UNISA Ad Libitum a choir that specialises in modern and rennaissance music.

I also had the opportunity to sing with Opera 2000 and Cantcum Norvum.

I had the privelage of singing with the OFS Choral group in 2003/2004 when John Rutter visited South Africa.

I started composing in 1990 but started seriously in 2003.