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This site contains compositions and arrangements by Alun Cook, specializing in ensemble music for clarinet, saxophone, and brass.

Saxophone Quartets, Octets and Choirs and Clarinet Quartets and Choirs feature highly with ensemble works for 10 Piece Brass Ensemble and Brass Quintet, along with Single Reed Ensemble and a variety of chamber works. You will also find many oddments including free choir music and Christmas Carols, and even a piano duet.

The score are skilfully written and well presented. Compositions for wind and brass tend to make strong demands on the musicians, often being commissioned for specific ensembles, but there are also tutor books for clarinet and saxophone and some elementary pieces to help specific technical difficulties. Feedback is always welcome, as are details of performances and any reaction to them! Visit for a comprehensive catalogue.

Alun Cook studied Clarinet and Saxophone at the Royal Academy of Music, and having played in everything from Punk to Puccini, moved on to a career in teaching and conducting, specializing in the world of wind bands, and now concentrates on composing. His musical tastes have always been eclectic ranging through Classical, Jazz, Rock and Contemporary - from Bach and Blood Sweat and Tears to Berg and the Brecker Bros. - and his music reflects this broad taste.

The popularity of his scores among performers comes from his skill in scoring with a real understanding of the capabilities of the instruments for which he writes. His music is widely performed with music sold to over 60 countries.

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