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Andrew Gossage
130, Horn Lane
Woodford Green
United Kingdom

Thank you for visiting my Score Exchange page. I am a Christian songwriter seeking musical and spiritual treasures old and new.

I enjoyed a strong academic and classical musical education and from an early age desired to be a composer, but for many years I struggled to find my musical voice.

As a university undergraduate I experienced a personal epiphany during a performance of Benjamin Britten's "The Burning Fiery Furnace" (based on a story in the Old Testament book of Daniel) and later committed my life to Jesus Christ. This led to a new sense of purpose and a desire to serve God. After some exploration, I found a home in the Charismatic Episcopal Church (part of the Convergence Movement, which seeks to combine sacramental, evangelical and charismatic expressions of Christian worship) and was also ordained as a deacon.

I am thankful to be able to express my faith and musical gifts in writing songs, combining aspects of contemporary Christian music with my classical training. This has provided me with a consistent stylistic approach that previously I lacked, as well as inspiration, subject matter and structure. My songs thus reflect my own musical and spiritual journey and the church in which I serve, with diverse influences.

Score catalogue

Little Suite for Piano: 1st movement - Solo instrument (Piano)
Little Suite for Piano: 2nd movement - Solo instrument (Piano)
Little Suite for Piano: 3rd movement - Solo instrument (Piano)
Little Suite for Piano: 4th movement - Solo instrument (Piano)
Brooke House Rag - Large mixed ensemble
The Oily Rag - Large mixed ensemble