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Hello, my name is Benjamin Sajo.

I am a composer, educator, and lifelong provocateur of music. On this page, you will find my published work for professionals and educators.

This page is sorted into five unique sections:

  • Classical Music: Original works from solo piano to full orchestra, wind ensembles, and concert bands.
  • Jazz Music: Original works from lead sheets to combos and big band.
  • Theatre and Film Music: Incidental music for productions
  • Educational Music: Worksheets, learning materials, and band methodbooks-in-progress
  • Religious Music: (Jewish, Christian, Spiritual)


I completed my Bachelor's of Music at Western University, Ontario, and my Master's in Music degree at McGill, in Montreal. I studied and worked with several wonderful composers and mentors, including Paul Frehner, Peter Paul Koprowski, David Myska, Chris Paul Harman, John Rea, and Brian Cherney.

I completed a Bachelors of Education and am now continuing with a Masters of Education at the University of Ottawa, concentrating in Leadership, Evaluation, Curriculum and Policy Studies. My thesis supervisor is Bernard W. Andrews. My research interests lie in designing new strategies for teaching instrumental music and band classes, specifically using constructivist and social justice oriented, multicultural approaches.

I am a member of the College Music Society, Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association, and Ontario College of Teachers

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