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United Kingdom is a Social Enterprise, established by conductor Susie Dingle and composer Katrina Gordon in 2012, to promote health and wellbeing in Caithness through group music making.

NEW For participants in the SCO youth orchestra workshop on June 14th 2018, we've made a folder just for you! Click on the folder below to find the tunes we'll be playing, choose the tune you want and then click on the part-name (e.g. Violin 3) to be able to see what your part will look like, but don't worry, we'll provide you with sheet music on the day so no need to print. You can listen to the mp3 to hear how your part will fit in to the whole sound of the orchestra. :) Looking forward to meeting you there! :)

All the music you'll find here has been created for or by participants in groups, and until recently was made available to download for free - unfortunately Score Exchange have recently changed their rules and at the moment it is no longer possible to give away parts for free. We are currently in negotiation with Score Exchange to try to get them to understand the charitable nature of our organisation and have asked them to reset all the prices to £0 or $0 - watch this space!

Click on the folders below to find the tunes, which include arrangements for school orchestra and/or junior bell team. There are also some brand new compositions by school-pupils in Caithness and some new pieces by Katrina. I can't apologise enough that these are currently no longer free of charge - please get in touch directly with me through our website if this causes you any problems, as including YOU in our groups is very important to us, and money should be no barrier to that.

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