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United States

A Christian songwriter born in Singapore, raised in Malaysia, and now living in the USA, I wrote and performed the 9/11 tribute “If I Fall (Military Cut),” which has been played on SoldiersRadio and in military events all across America. See the video at!

Some of my songs are at, and I'm working on getting them on iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc. "Cradle to the Cross" was recorded by Justin Hill Ministries.

Because Sibelius doesn't convert some MIDI intelligently enough (piano parts are converted rather horribly), sometimes producing notation that needs to be redone wholesale, I'll provide lead sheets for songs that are easy enough to pick up instrumentally, adding piano, etc. as time allows, and include MIDI files to give you a better idea of how it should sound.

Please feel free to review my music and/or email me feedback! It's been a blast reading the occasional reviews (so far).