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United Kingdom

I'm 42 years old, a (very) amateur pianist and singer. I've played piano since I was about 7 years old, but my music-making has came on a lot lately since I was given a piano by my aunt, and a copy of Sibelius by my ex, and especially since I bought a Yamaha Clavinova a year or so ago. I've tinkered around with simple musical ideas (usually picked out while improvising at the piano) for a few years, but Sibelius has given me the opportunity to get these ideas down on paper and (in a few cases) take them further than I was able to do on solo piano. So far I haven't felt any of my naive little compositions have been worthy of charging for, but I'd appreciate a few comments, positive or otherwise. My musical tastes tend to be catholic but conservative; my musical ideas tend to be short and undeveloped. I'm in awe of the ambition and complexity of some of the pieces I find on this site.