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United Kingdom

My parents were both musical - my father was a professional violinist. Early on, I played piano and wrote violin pieces and also played a great deal of the standard violin and piano repertory with him. At school I studied music with Donald Cashmore. At St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, I formed a piano trio and wrote incidental music for the John Oldham Society touring production of 'Hamlet', recorded with Professor Jack Westrup's permission, in Holywell Music Room and performed by members of the Oxford Symphony Orchestra. Afterwards I wrote incidental music for local theatre productions in what is now South London, including 'Maria Marten' or 'Murder In The Red Barn', conducting a specially formed 17-piece orchestra and members of the local Salvation Army brass band.

Whilst subsequently teaching and lecturing in Surrey and Brighton and later pursuing a career in computer software, I continued to play the piano and compose mostly chamber music for performance by local players. During this time, I studied with Jasper Rooper and for a while also with Andrew Worton-Steward.

I now live in West Sussex, United Kingdom, with my wife Margaret. Since 2003 I have used Sibelius to produce original scores and since retirement have maintained my interest in musical composition. My music includes chamber works, instrumental pieces, songs, pieces for orchestra, including incidental music for amateur theatre, and a Symphony.

Nearly all the scores here are free. If you feel like commenting on any of my music, please let me know what you think.

Score catalogue

String Quartet No. 2 - String quartet
Melancholy Strings - String orchestra
Scenes from Hamlet - Large mixed ensemble
Adagietto - String quartet
Fanfare for DNA - Brass quartet
Nocturne - Trio
String Quartet No. 1 - String quartet
Concerto Memory - Orchestra + solo Solo Violin
Concerto Memory - Finale - String orchestra
Scherzo - String quartet
Duo - Large mixed ensemble
Annoying Little Frog - Large mixed ensemble
Very Short Trio - Piano trio
Gallop - Large mixed ensemble
Apothem - Wind quartet
Contrapuntal Tendencies - String quartet
Quartet Largo - String quartet
String Quartet No. 3 - String quartet
Wind Quintet - Wind quintet
String Quartet No. 4 - String quartet
Melody For Margaret - Solo Solo Violin + piano
Cello Sonata - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
An English Idyll - Solo Oboe + piano
Chanctonbury - Solo Solo Viola + piano
Waltz For Isabelle - Solo Solo Violin + piano
Clarinet Sonatina - Solo Clarinet in Bb + piano
Sonata Movement - Solo Solo Violin + piano
Daydreaming - Solo Oboe + piano
By Mountain and Lake - Solo Solo Violin + piano
Bagatelle No. 1 - Solo Clarinet in Bb + piano
Clarinet Song - Solo Clarinet in Bb + piano
Three Meditations - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Comic Song - Voice + keyboard
Gloria - Choir
The Interlude - Voice + keyboard
Kyrie - Choir
The Darkling Thrush - Voice + keyboard
The Malcontent - Voice + keyboard
A Widow Bird - Voice + keyboard
Arabesque - Solo instrument (Harp)
Fantasy - Solo instrument (Solo Violin)
Bagatelle - 1 - Solo instrument (Piano)
Serial Mirror - Solo instrument (Piano)
Cold Vibrations - Solo instrument (Piano)
Impromptu - Solo instrument (Piano)
Variations for Piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
Rondo - Solo instrument (Piano)
Bagatelle - 2 - Solo instrument (Piano)
Suite for Piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
Shadow And Sunlight - Solo instrument (Piano)
Four Little Pieces - Solo instrument (Piano)
Trivia - Solo instrument (Piano)
First Fingersteps - Solo instrument (Piano)