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United Kingdom

Hi, I'm a mainly self taught musician who has spent most of his life earning a living rather than making music, although I have managed to find time to become what I might describe as a 'jobbing' pianist.
Over the years I have played keyboards in a number of small local groups; have been a rehearsal pianist for many amateur musical productions; and an accompanist for both singers and dancers.
More recently I have enjoyed the more relaxed life of the cocktail lounge pianist.
Now that I'm retired I enjoy trying to make the most of this amazing new computer music technology that brings out any creativity that might be lurking untapped in so many of us.
So many tunes running through my head over the years and now it is so easy to get them down on paper and record them for posterity! Whether my music is worthy of it is for others to judge.
I hope, at least, you will find in each of my compositions a discernible, and hopefully memorable tune. I'm afraid I have little time for tuneless, often harsh, and usually self indulgent 'mood' music. In saying that I realise I will have just alienated half the composers on this site but, for me, music has to be accessible.
So those of you still with me, enjoy!