Gary L Atkinson

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Dr Gary L Atkinson
2024 Spring Mill Road
Lafayette Hill
United States of America

Music has been a part of my life for 50 years. I am a practicing physician in Philadelphia. My desire is that my music be used by God's people to further God's Kingdom. My music spans several decades. "Chaste Maiden" was written in 1969. This year, the beginnings of a Christmas Cantata have been submited, "Isaiah's Anticipation" and "Magnificat". I wrote the cantata "His Last Seven Days" in 1994. "Hosanna" was meant to be a stand alone piece for Palm Sunday. A friend, Michael DeRentz, a professional musician, after hearing it, suggested that I complete the piece by outlining Jesus' last words. Using Psalm 22, I then wrote "Crucifixion" and over the next several months the other pieces to complete the piece. It was performed complete at Conshohocken UMC, and partially in Henderson, Kentucky. I have been playing in our church's Praise Band for the past few years. I have begun to write a few praise songs, 2 of which are now listed here.

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