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Mr David Skates
Mere Dog Music
1602 Calle Sacramento
San Clemente
United States

David Skates graduated with a B.A. in Music Theory-Composition from Pepperdine University where he studied under Joseph Wagner. A graduate degree in religion led him into a full time teaching and preaching ministry. When he arrived at his third congregation in 1995, a smaller one, he found himself, of necessity, involved once again in his love for music as he began arranging and then writing new hymns and praise songs for congregational use. He founded a music publishing company, Mere Dog Music, in 2001 and is a writer-publisher member of ASCAP and Christian Copyright Licensing Inc. Although his main musical interests lie in hymns and songs for congregational singing, his compostions extend to concert vocal works and popular music styles. In addition to this interest in music, he is also the author of one religious book, Carry On: Help and Hope for Life's Everyday Problems with a second book on the Gospel of Mark nearly complete. To learn more about Skates' music or to listen to song demo clips, visit his website.