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-Age: 22 -Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom | Kowloon District, Hong Kong

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Greetings. I am Edwin Sung, just graduated from University of Cambridge and at the same time working as:

  • A web developer at the Hornington Computer Company based in Hong Kong
  • A freelance composer / arranger publishing scores in ScoreExchange and my website.


Offer: FREE ORCHESTRAL PIECES offer starting from: (See below for description) 14/06/2015 [00:00] UNTIL 20/06/2015 [23:59] (GMT+1)

If you are a music director / orchestral conductor, I would love to hear from you regarding any arrangements to be made to adapt your orchestra for any pieces on offer!


To keep in touch, please follow my facebook page "Edwin Sung Music" and send me private messages regarding commissions and sheet music requests.

For more information, please visit my website. Subscribe to me in YouTube! www.youtube.com/user/200411732

Twitter? No problem! https://twitter.com/sungedwin

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