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Elliot Wright

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(See www.elliotwrightmusic.com for more information.)

Elliot Wright is a Mississauga-based composer, arranger, and musician. His unique take on neo-romantic music embraces today’s age of digital samplers, increasingly individualized artistic expression and ‘niche’ web marketing, and could be described as ‘Digital Indie-Orchestral’. His personal style focuses on the Romantic, Idyllic, and Innocent settings inherent in the orchestral spectrum; often using pure, base emotions as the primary subject.

Elliot recently earned a lot of attention through his videos on YouTube, which demonstrate his innovative use of Sibelius 7 Notation software to couple his scores to the gigantically complex and world-famous EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra sound library; and through his use of social media to reach out to fans and fellow enthusiasts in music and composition-tech alike.