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No Music, No Life. Listening, playing(guitar or keyboard), singing, and composing music are all my favorites. The best one is composing! It stimulates and satisfies my creativity. I was born in a city near the sea in Japan. I did not especially receive the music training in the age of childhood. There was a turning point in the upper-grade of the elementary school age. The composition contest of the prefecture was held, and I was chosen unexpectedly as one of the representatives at the school. To my regret, I did not win any prize. However, I came to have the deep interest in music since then. In the junior high school age, I studied the musical theory by self-study and spent as a trumpeter in the club activities of a brass band. It was recommended for me to do real study of music from the teacher ahead of entrance exam for high school. Though I hesitated, I abandoned doing the work of music after all. It was continued to perform the tune that I composed in the time of the subject of music at high school days. I might not have been able to give up the dream of becoming a musician completely. I have revived the zeal to music obtaining the software, "Sibelius". And now, I dream that my tunes performed by real orchestra. On the night and holiday, I enjoy composing.