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South Africa

Born on 16 August 1980, Gavin Julius never really had the opportunity to study music formally. Instead, like many others, Gavin learned music theory in the New Apostolic Church (NAC) where he spent most of his childhood and teenage years. As a self-taught organist, he gained a good deal of knowledge by observing other musicians practicing and performing works from the 'great masters'. Gavin started composing hymns at the age of 17 and grew deeper in understanding of composition mainly due to his love of reading and the keen interest he took in other musicians. Gavin was asked to serve on a composition project workgroup (NAC Composers) in 2003. During May 2006, the New Apostolic Church launched their first ever children's hymn collection called 'Bright and beautiful' in which many of Gavin's compositions appear (see favourite links). His compositions also appear in the New Apostolic Church Cape's English Hymnal launched in 2008.

Currently the NAC Composers Workgroup are involved in the following projects: - Organist Manual for English Hymnal, - Male Choir Hymn Collection (Multi language), - Afrikaans Hymnal.