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United States of America

I have been actively composing since I was 14 years old, some 32 years. I attended West Chester University in West Chester, PA, majoring in Music Education with a Vocal Choral concentration. Studied Voice with Alan Wagner. I am currently Minister of Music at Olivet United Methodist Church in Coatesville, PA. I am a web programmer by profession, and am an avid photographer. I live in Thorndale, PA with my wife, a Music Teacher, and my daughter.

Musically, I write mainly Choral Music, being a Voice Major it seemed a natural progression. I am tonal composer, concentrating on providing choirs with music that is, I hope, easier to sing than it sounds. Yet also providing congregations and audiences with music that is enjoyable and moving.

New Scores will have scores that have been posted in the current month.

I have been quite busy the last year, both as a composer and a person. As I am completing my first year of service as Minister of Music, many exciting things have happened, the most exciting of which, is I have more of a reason and necessity to write music on a regular basis, the fruits of those efforts will be appearing on this page in the next few weeks as I finish up my editing and review process of the scores we, the choir and I have performed.

Also, please feel free to review any of my pieces, what you think works and what doesn't. I can not get better without understanding where my music is flawed.